Testimonials on Brother-to-Brother Ministries

The value of the ministry to me:

"Fellowship and friendship are the first things that come to mind when I reflect on our meetings. They provide a safe harbor where we purposely take time out of the busyness of life to celebrate Jesus in our lives and learn how to become better Christian men." - Robert Tomlinson

"A deeper relationship with Jesus and a better understanding of God's word. I am coming to understand that all Christians are called to 'fish for people' by knowing and telling our own story." - Doug Kaiser

"I am able to share the challenges in my life and receive support and advice from another man." - Dennis Speer

"Brother-to-Brother Ministries helps me to understand my Catholic faith to its fullest meaning and intent. I now see the fullness of the truth and goodness of the Catholic Church and its great history, heritage and tradition that was previously unknown by me." -  Larry Thompson

"Rick Lentz and Brother-to-Brother Ministries has been a great help in answering questions I have had over the past few years. Rick was able to answer historical questions that I had along with questions that pertained to Church teachings. I was also challenged mentally with Bible verse memorization and questions to answer that gave me a stronger understanding of my faith." - Nolan Martin

"I am more motivated to study the Word of God on a weekly basis. I also appreciate hearing the perspective of another brother who is humbly and seriously applying the Word of God in his life." - Mark Feliz

"I value being able to study the Bible with another man and learn things about and from the Bible that I did not know. The study helps me put God's word in my heart and maintain my focus on Jesus Christ. I am being prepared to work with other men on their faith journey." - Terry Vice


The most significant thing I have learned:

"That when the power of the Holy Spirit comes to each of us, we need to recognize and embrace it. Without the Holy Spirit, we cannot truly know Jesus nor learn the power of forgiveness. Being able to forgive allows us to love our fellow man and know God's love." - Robert Tomlinson

"I have learned that humility and patience founded on faith are essential in sharing one's perspective on what scripture means for our lives. What is especially inspiring is discovering anew the scriptural foundations for the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church." - Mark Feliz

"If I ask for God's help, he will give it to me. However, I must be patient and wait for his timing. I also learned that because I believe in the Son of God, I have eternal life." - Doug Kaiser

"There are answers in the Bible for the issues I have in my personal life." - Dennis Speer

"How beautiful and meaningful the Eucharist really is and how it brings me into a deeper relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." - Larry Thompson

"Through Brother-to-Brother Ministries, I've learned the importance of the Eucharist and the other Sacraments as a vital part of worship; the importance of Apostolic tradition while interpreting scripture. The most important thing I have learned through my study with Brother-to-Brother Ministries is that I have to lead by example in my faith. In order to do that, I needed to know what I believed and why. Rick has been able to answer all the questions I have about our Catholic faith." - Nolan Martin


The following are comments from two emails I received from the same woman after Bob’s and my appearance on Catholic Answers Live on March 14, 2011:


"Thank you! I heard the rebroadcast of your show on Catholic Answers Live yesterday and was so deeply moved I wept. Tragically last August, I lost my nephew whom I helped raise, so hearing about the loss of your son was sad; I pray that the Lord continues to heal your heart. Second, I believe that the way you have forgiven is a great testimony for all Christians. God bless you and yours!

I was just thinking about your ministry this morning, thinking there should also be a sister-to- sister ministry, and that the woman who has mentored me should work on that. :) I converted to Catholicism several years ago largely through the spiritual mentoring of a teacher at a school where I worked. But it wasn't just Bible study only! It was also true spiritual counseling and mentoring that helped me know the Lord more personally, let go of the burdens of the past and forgive (still working on that), and embrace what God has in store for me. All of it is a journey, and I often reflect on how I wouldn't have even been on this road if it weren't for her. My husband and I have three children, all of whom have special needs. While many looked down on me, even my midwife wanted me to abort my third child, my now 3 and 1/2 year old son, because my two daughters have disabilities. My mentor firmly told me that God chose me to be the mother of my children and she showed me how, and not just me, for she has helped many people through the same mentoring process.

So, I truly believe that the value of one-to-one Christian mentoring cannot be underestimated. I truly applaud you for what you do because, with God’s help, you change not only minds but most importantly souls."

Nalida Besson, Boston, MA