What I've Learned Through Mentoring

In the past year, I have been under the teaching of Rick Lentz, who is director-mentor of Brother-to-Brother Ministries. There has been much discussion in reference to how we understand God's word, the Holy Bible. One of the great revelations for me has been to understand that what one reads in the New Testament must be read through the lens of our Jewish heritage, which is found in the Old Testament. Everything Jesus spoke of has to be connected to his heritage, so we must be connected to those same roots. If we are not, then our understanding is not completely grounded, and we lose the deeper meaning of Jesus' teachings and directions.

Another point I would like to make is that any Christian who wants to grow in his faith walk must come to the understanding that there is truly a need for one to study the word of God, and this study should be grounded on what the visible Church teaches. There is much confusion in the body of Christ because we want to hear only what pleases us and not always that which is the truth. The fullness of the truth of our Christian faith can only come from the leadership of the Catholic Church by the power of the Holy Spirit. This leadership is the pope in communion with the local bishops. Even as Catholics, we often move away from this because we become complacent and feel there is no need to further our Christian education and develop our spiritual life.

These simple eye-opening facts have enabled me to jump start my spiritual growth and hopefully continue this great journey which our Lord Jesus has graciously given me.

Brian E. Lucien, Sr.