What I've Learned Through Mentoring

In the past year, I have been under the teaching of Rick Lentz, who is director-mentor of Brother-to-Brother Ministries. There has been much discussion in reference to how we understand God's word, the Holy Bible. One of the great revelations for me has been to understand that what one reads in the New Testament must be read through the lens of our Jewish heritage, which is found in the Old Testament. Everything Jesus spoke of has to be connected to his heritage, so we must be connected to those same roots. If we are not, then our understanding is not completely grounded, and we lose the deeper meaning of Jesus' teachings and directions.

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Testimonials on Brother-to-Brother Ministries

The value of the ministry to me:

"Fellowship and friendship are the first things that come to mind when I reflect on our meetings. They provide a safe harbor where we purposely take time out of the busyness of life to celebrate Jesus in our lives and learn how to become better Christian men." - Robert Tomlinson

"A deeper relationship with Jesus and a better understanding of God's word. I am coming to understand that all Christians are called to 'fish for people' by knowing and telling our own story." - Doug Kaiser

"I am able to share the challenges in my life and receive support and advice from another man." - Dennis Speer

"Brother-to-Brother Ministries helps me to understand my Catholic faith to its fullest meaning and intent. I now see the fullness of the truth and goodness of the Catholic Church and its great history, heritage and tradition that was previously unknown by me." -  Larry Thompson

"Rick Lentz and Brother-to-Brother Ministries has been a great help in answering questions I have had over the past few years. Rick was able to answer historical questions that I had along with questions that pertained to Church teachings. I was also challenged mentally with Bible verse memorization and questions to answer that gave me a stronger understanding of my faith." - Nolan Martin

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