What I've Learned Through Mentoring

In the past year, I have been under the teaching of Rick Lentz, who is director-mentor of Brother-to-Brother Ministries. There has been much discussion in reference to how we understand God's word, the Holy Bible. One of the great revelations for me has been to understand that what one reads in the New Testament must be read through the lens of our Jewish heritage, which is found in the Old Testament. Everything Jesus spoke of has to be connected to his heritage, so we must be connected to those same roots. If we are not, then our understanding is not completely grounded, and we lose the deeper meaning of Jesus' teachings and directions.

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Welcome to Brother-to-Brother Ministries


Brother-to-Brother Ministries is one of the few Catholic organizations dedicated to assisting Catholic men in Catholic faith formation through one to one mentoring and discipleship.

Rick Lentz MentoringWe do this by meeting individually with men to discover where they are on their Catholic faith journey and determine how we can help them develop a deeper personal relationship with Jesus.

Together, we develop goals that will help them make progress toward deeper Christian maturity and service to others as men of Jesus Christ.


Each mentor provides:


Brother-to-Brother Ministries recognizes that the Christian faith journey is difficult for those who have to go it alone; men need other men to accompany them on their Catholic spiritual journey.


The mission of Brother-to-Brother Ministries is to reach out to Catholic men who seek a deeper relationship with Jesus the Christ, or introduce them to Jesus the Christ, and mentor them on their Catholic faith journey.


Additionally, Brother-to-Brother Ministries trains and equips Catholic men to walk with one or more men on each one's spiritual journey; thus helping them to live up to their Baptismal Call to share the Good News of Jesus the Christ.


For those men struggling in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, our goal is to help them become firm in their faith.

For those men who are committed Catholics, who love Christ and have a strong desire to grow as men of Christ, our goal is to help them mature in their faith.

For those men who are eagerly following Christ, our goal is to help them find their niche in serving Christ.

Where do you fit in? We know that spiritual work like this is done through the power of the Holy Spirit. We're counting on you to pray for us, our ministry and the men we mentor/disciple.

Testimonials on Brother-to-Brother Ministries

The value of the ministry to me:

"Fellowship and friendship are the first things that come to mind when I reflect on our meetings. They provide a safe harbor where we purposely take time out of the busyness of life to celebrate Jesus in our lives and learn how to become better Christian men." - Robert Tomlinson

"A deeper relationship with Jesus and a better understanding of God's word. I am coming to understand that all Christians are called to 'fish for people' by knowing and telling our own story." - Doug Kaiser

"I am able to share the challenges in my life and receive support and advice from another man." - Dennis Speer

"Brother-to-Brother Ministries helps me to understand my Catholic faith to its fullest meaning and intent. I now see the fullness of the truth and goodness of the Catholic Church and its great history, heritage and tradition that was previously unknown by me." -  Larry Thompson

"Rick Lentz and Brother-to-Brother Ministries has been a great help in answering questions I have had over the past few years. Rick was able to answer historical questions that I had along with questions that pertained to Church teachings. I was also challenged mentally with Bible verse memorization and questions to answer that gave me a stronger understanding of my faith." - Nolan Martin

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A Story of Catholic Forgiveness

In 2004 Rick Lentz's youngest son, Kevin, was killed when hit by an automobile. Rick and his wife, Karen, were devastated. "Yet through all this jumble of emotions, my anchor of faith kept me from crashing upon the rocks of despair," Rick says. "God provided me with friends who listened repeatedly to my story and allowed me to share my emotions without judgment or needless advice. Slowly, I began to heal and as I healed, I came to the realization that to fully heal, I had to forgive."

During the trial of the young woman who killed his son, Rick stood up and told her that he forgave her. Shortly thereafter the father of this woman called Rick and asked how he could forgive his daughter. Rick replied, "I explained that through prayer, God gave me the grace and strength to forgive her. Then through our discussions and seeing what God has done in my life, the girl's father rededicated his life to Christ." They began meeting together and eventually entered into a mentoring relationship.

After discerning starting a ministry, Rick became a full-time Christian mentor when he co-founded Brother-to-Brother Ministries in the summer of 2007. He has guided others in how to start a ministry of evangelization.

Rick has been active in parish life and in men's faith sharing groups; he is also a member of the Cursillo Movement. A highly decorated Vietnam Veteran, he retired from the Air Force in 1993. He has a Masters Degree in Pastoral Ministry from the Aquinas Institute of Theology,and while thankful for that education, says that a degree is not necessary to be a Christian mentor. He and his wife Karen have been married for 35 years. They have four children and two granddaughters.

The Brother-to-Brother Ministries Team

Richard A. Lentz

Rick Lentz Rick is Co-Founder and Director of Brother-to-Brother Ministries. He is a highly decorated Vietnam veteran and retired Air Force officer. Rick came into full communion with the Catholic Church in 1982, and since that time, has been actively involved with Catholic parishes all around the world. Rick joined the Cursillo Movement in 1987 in the Philippines and also founded and led a renewal group there from 1987-89. Rick has been involved with men's small group Bible studies for many years and has facilitated couples' Bible studies. After the death of his youngest son, Kevin, in 2004, he began one-on-one discipleship of men on their Catholic faith journey on a part-time basis. By early 2007, Rick recognized that God was calling him to give his life and energies to encourage men in their Catholic faith formation. Consequently, in June 2007, he and Dennis Speer founded Brother-to-Brother Ministries. Rick holds a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from Aquinas Institute of Theology. Rick and his wife Karen have been married for over 37 years. They have four children, Becca, Kimberly, Ryan, and Kevin, and two granddaughters, Ella and Paige. Click here for more on Rick's story.


Dennis L. Speer

Dennis Speer Dennis is Co-Founder of Brother-to-Brother Ministries. A Colorado native, he spent his early childhood on the eastern plains before moving to rural western Kansas. After high school, Dennis joined the Air Force from which he retired in 1993 and moved to Colorado Springs. He came into full communion with the Catholic Church in 1979 and has been active in many different parishes. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. Dennis is active at St. Dominic's Parish in the Diocese of Colorado Springs and currently serves on the parish finance council, teaches RCIA/RCIC, and is a member of the Knights of Columbus. Dennis is a professed Secular Franciscan and serves the local fraternity as Vice-Minister. He is also a member of the Colorado Springs Cursillo movement and continues to work on his own spirituality. Because of his desire to walk with other men on their faith journey, he helped Rick found Brother-to-Brother Ministries in June 2007. Dennis and his high school sweetheart, Robin, have been married for over 40 years. They have three children, Julie, Jason, and Jacqueline and three grandchildren.


Robert T. Tomlinson

Bob was born at Johnson Air Force Base in Iraguwa, Honshu , Japan and his early years were spent traveling the world. Upon graduation from high school, he received an athletic scholarship to play college basketball at Sul Ross State in Texas . Bob graduated with honors in June 1971 with a BS in Business Administration and entered graduate school that fall. In December of 1972, Bob received dual masters' degrees in economics and management. In June 1973, he joined El Paso Natural Gas Company and quickly rose through the company, ending his illustrious 32-year career of as the Director of Regulatory Affairs in 2005. He currently works as a consultant to the El Paso Corporation. Bob made the commitment to be a life-long follower of Jesus the Christ in May 2006. His and Rick's joint witness is a powerful testimony to the power of forgiveness and discipleship. Bob married Paula Hardy October 1983; they have two children, Sara and Garrett.


Dennis X. McCormack

Dennis McCormack is a cradle Catholic and a member of Divine Redeemer Parish in Colorado Springs, CO. He retired from the US Army as a Chief Warrant Officer (CW5) after twenty-six years of military service as a helicopter pilot, sixteen of those years in overseas assignments that included multiple combat tours. Dennis worked for the Army Wounded Warrior (AW2) Program at Ft. Carson, CO, until he fully retired in November 2009. His personal ministry is in helping our Veterans and Active Duty Military with their issues resulting from multiple combat tours. He currently serves as a volunteer on the Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards of a number of civic and military organizations in Colorado, such as The Home Front Cares, Sentinels of Freedom, and Brother to Brother Ministries. He also volunteers as a Peer Specialist with the Veterans Trauma Court in Colorado Springs, and works with a number of organizations on Homeless Veterans issues. He is most active in seeking financial aid and other types of support for the most severely wounded Military and Veterans of the current conflicts. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Professional Aeronautics and a Masters Degree in Computer Resource and Information Management. He has been married to his wife, Janie, for thirty-seven years, and she is still the best thing that ever happened to him. They have a son, Sean, a daughter, Kathleen, and one granddaughter, Mikayla.

Terry L. Vice

Terry ViceTerry is a Colorado Springs, Colorado native and is currently at his first post with the U.S. State Department in Madrid, Spain. Thanks to a college roommate, Terry made the commitment to be a life-long follower of Jesus the Christ midway through his freshman year at the University of Northern Colorado in 1977. Because of that experience, Terry is aware of the profound difference one man can make in another man's spiritual life. Terry is the recent past Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus council at St. Patrick's Parish in Colorado springs, and was active in the Colorado Springs Cursillo movement. He has also held leadership positions in the Boy Scouts of America. Terry and his wife, Leslie, have two teenage children, Hillary and Tyler, and one child awaiting them in heaven. In 2000, Terry, Leslie, and the children came into full communion with the Catholic Church. The family now enjoys life and travel in Spain.