Catholic Discipleship and Mentoring

Just what is it that we do through Brother-to-Brother Ministries?

We form men in Catholic discipleship and mentor men on their faith journeys and help them develop a deeper personal relationship with Jesus. We do this in the following ways:

  1. Bible Scripture study, verse memorization and applying biblical principles in our daily lives.
  2. Study of the Catholic Church Catechism and how to live out our Catholic faith as men of Jesus.
  3. One to one discipleship meetings and spiritual direction.


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Brother-to-Brother Ministries is dedicated to mentoring Catholic men one on one and training them to do the same. We accomplish our mission in three distinct ways.

1. One to one mentoring and Catholic discipling process.

2. Faith formation and training workshops.

3. Conference speaking.

Additionally, we offer spiritual direction for those who desire the richness of the long-held Catholic tradition. We keep in contact with disciples, financial supporters, and workshop attendees through newsletters and articles which are available via regular mail, email, and this website.

Singing praise to the Lord is a part of the day-long workshop on One to One Mentoring.

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Formation and Training Workshops

Brother-to-Brother Ministries helps form men in their Catholic faith and to grow as men of Jesus. We do this through the one to one mentoring process and our training workshop for Catholic men on how to enter into mentoring/discipling relationships.



Subjects covered in the One to One Workshop:

1. The value of one to one relationships over other forms of Catholic faith formation.

2. How one to one mentoring complements small group Bible study, faith sharing and accountability groups.

3. How to enter into a discipling relationship with another Catholic man either as a mentor or as a disciple.

4. Practical experience on how to mentor/disciple another man using resources specifically designed for Catholic men.

How Brother-to-Brother Ministries Can Serve You and Your Parish

Training workshops and seminars are available on a variety of topics including forgiveness, evangelization, mentoring/discipling, leading small groups, active Christian leadership, and starting a men's outreach breakfast.

Mentoring on a One to One Basis

Mentoring provides Catholic men with the opportunity to grow as life-long followers of Jesus the Christ and learn how to live out their Baptismal call.

(Left: Rick -- in red shirt -- meets with a man he is mentoring.)

Rick explains why he mentors men, "In one on one relationships, both the mentor and the one being mentored grow in their knowledge of sacred Scripture, in their relationship with Jesus, and into a deeper understanding of what God is asking of them." Also, "Being a mentor is not rocket science. All it really takes is for you to be FAITH (faithful, available, inspired (by God), teachable and humble), to be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit, and have a heart for helping others grow in faith." Rick will tell you that most of the men he mentors were not ready for a traditional approach to conversion and formation. But because he was willing to begin from where they were on their Catholic faith journey, and form them through mentoring, they have come to follow Christ and unite with his Church.


How Brother-to-Brother Ministries Can Serve You and Your Parish

The Brother-to-Brother team offers a half-day workshop on the practical aspects of one to one mentoring. The workshop includes

1. An explanation of the value of one to one mentoring.

2. How it complements other fellowship groups and Bible studies.

3. A "hands on" experience of being both a mentor and a disciple.


Catholic Conference and Retreat Speakers

Dennis Speer leads a workshop session One of the most sought after messages is a joint testimony on tragedy, forgiveness, and the power of mentoring by Rick Lentz and Bob Tomlinson.
After hearing their joint testimony at the Colorado Springs Catholic Men in Action half-day conference in September 2007, Danny Abramowicz, a former NFL coach and all-pro wide receiver, and a panelist on EWTN's Crossing the Goal stated, "That was one of the most powerful testimonies that I have heard."
After an all-day workshop and retreat for Catholic men at Our Lay of Fatima Parish in Lakewood, CO, Barry Metzentine the Director of Adult and Youth Ministry, and Catechesis commented: "As a ministry leader, I would warmly recommend Brother-to-Brother Ministries to any parish looking to begin or build a vibrant men's ministry. On a personal note, I enjoyed just being around good and holy Catholic men!"

How Brother-to-Brother Ministries Can Serve You and Your Parish

The Brother-to-Brother speaking team can lead all day workshops and Catholic retreats for men that include:

1. Rick Lentz's and Bob Tomlinson's powerful joint testimony on Catholic forgiveness.

2. Dennis Speer's encouraging presentation on what it means to be an Active Christian Leader.

3. An afternoon workshop on how to disciple another man on his Catholic faith journey.

Each presentation is followed by a Q&A session and round table discussions for attendees.